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Iraq insurance

Travel Insurance and Crisis Assistance is a main priority when visiting volatile regions and countries for business, or as a tourist...

When preparing to travel to frontier markets, whether for professional or personal reasons, travel insurance and cover for crisis assistance has to be two of your main priorities. Our exclusive online travel insurance programme is designed to give you the most important elements of protection and peace of mind when travelling to new frontier regions. Our Crisis Assistance Plus package provides guidance and protection should you reasonably suspect your life is in danger or your safety is threatened.

The Frontier Travel Insurance plan includes high levels of cover for accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation and personal baggage cover. Our travel policy has 'A' rated security and essential war and terrorism cover is included in the price. Varying levels of cover are available as well as the option to add special contingency insurance - Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion cover, if required.

The Crisis Assistance Plus package includes cover for Kidnapping and Wrongful Detention, Blackmail & Extortion, Hijacking, Acts of Terrorism, Political Threat . Disappearance and Violent Crime.

To obtain an instant quotation or to purchase your travel insurance and crisis assistance plan now, please complete the details above. Our purchasing process is both quick and easy and can be completed in three simple and quick steps.

Why Choose Frontier Travel Insurance?

Frontier Travel Insurance is is ideally placed to provide you with the safeguards and knowledge you need when travelling to challenging places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Southern Sudan etc. Run and administered by AAIB Insurance Brokers Ltd, we specialise in providing insurance solutions for volatile, high-risk and emerging markets. AAIB Insurance Brokers is the leading, registered and licensed international broker in Iraq, with an established presence on the ground. We understand the risks and have negotiated the most competitive premiums, with 'A' rated security.

Group or CorporateTravel

If you have a requirement for group or corporate travel insurance schemes and would like to discuss this in more detail with one of our specialist brokers, please call us on: +962 6 550 3222 or email


$100,000 is the maximum Personal Accident limit for 'non-working' travellers. If you are in employment and wish a higher level of PA benefit – up to 5 times maximum salary - please select the appropriate benefit from the 'Business' category.


Clerical - Office based work
Supervisory - Regularly out of office or on site
Manual - Permanently based outside office or on site
Journalist/Security - Applicable to civilian security employees only